In the interests in safety and security, both the Free and Fair Voting Platform, and the ProxyAgent Voter Personalization tool will be open-source software. Open-source means that all of the is published and available to the public. In addition to what private individuals may do, the Free and Fair Vote organization will engage 3rd party consultants to audit the entire codebase on a regular basis. This scrutiny allows users of the system to have full confidence that the code

a) does exactly what it claims to do,
b) secures and protects their personal information, and
c) accurately counts and records all votes, and ensures the desires of voters is respected.



The ProxyAgent:

– Is an intelligent assistant
– Learns and remembers User priorities and preferences
– Can be granted special access to watch a User to learn more about them
– Can be queried by an automated voting system
– Can contact a User for instruction when it has low confidence in its answer to any particular question
– Knows how to ingest new data, compare to a User profile, and gain knowledge


Yesterday at lunch, I sat for a moment and watched a man at work. His task, just then, was to unload some parcels from his delivery truck, pile them high atop his shoulders, and carry the bundle up a flight of stairs to a second floor office.

It was spitting rain as he began. Before he carried the first load, the sun had beat back the dark clouds. By his third trip up the stairs, a fine mist was evaporating from the small puddles beside his truck.

His pace and stature suggested he had narrowed his world to this single task.

I looked back at the work in front of me, and considered how the Free And Fair Vote system would work for him.

The entire point of the system is to let people fully participate, but on their terms, and in a way and time most convenient to them.

As we both go about our daily lives, the politicians who govern us are making decisions that will affect us. Though done in “our name”, we’ve each had no direct in guiding our representatives to vote in our favour.

With a ProxyAgent loaded up to understand our preferences and priorities, we could know that our needs would be directly considered when comes time for group decisions.

The solution. Part 1

There are two key pieces of technology to be developed to bring our system to life.

The ProxyAgent software ( will be a narrow Artificial Intelligence focused on assisting Citizen voting.
Each ProxyAgent within the system is assigned to a specific Citizen, and will both;
– follow the voting preferences of the Citizen, and,
– conduct research and make recommendations to the Citizen

Free And Fair ( will be a hardware and software platform for securing and automating the voting process. The platform enables the automated voting of ProxyAgents.

The division of capabilities in the main components allows them to be developed quiet independently, and repurposed as needed. 

I am currently seeking corporate partners to assist in the development of the core of the ProxyAgent.