The solution. Part 1

There are two key pieces of technology to be developed to bring our system to life.

The ProxyAgent software ( will be a narrow Artificial Intelligence focused on assisting Citizen voting.
Each ProxyAgent within the system is assigned to a specific Citizen, and will both;
– follow the voting preferences of the Citizen, and,
– conduct research and make recommendations to the Citizen

Free And Fair ( will be a hardware and software platform for securing and automating the voting process. The platform enables the automated voting of ProxyAgents.

The division of capabilities in the main components allows them to be developed quiet independently, and repurposed as needed. 

I am currently seeking corporate partners to assist in the development of the core of the ProxyAgent. 

What is Informed Consent?

Informed Consent is an ecosystem of tools which enable the continuous capture of the informed consent of an entire population.

Each citizen has their own personalized proxy that is their representative in government.

Each proxy is an autonomous software agent programmed to mirror the likes & dislikes of its owner.

The agent continuously learns about each issue, then develops a position on behalf of their owner. When a vote is required, each Agent votes the way their Citizen would.

If an issue is too complex for the Agent to figure out, then the Citizen/owner is informed, and given a chance to manually take a position.

All of the Agents (software proxies) operate inside the same service. This allows them to all gain access to important information at the same time. Each proxy is identical to the rest in terms of the capactity to absorb new information, and learn how to correctly represent the wishes of their owners. No single citizen will have advantages over others.

Democracy. Finally.


Democracy requires input from everyone, on every decision.

This blog is intended to follow the evolution of this idea from a mere thought, right through to a national solution. We will report status when changes occur, and provide a space for the growth and development of ideas.

Yes, we truly believe our tag line — Democracy. Finally.

And here we go….