Yesterday at lunch, I sat for a moment and watched a man at work. His task, just then, was to unload some parcels from his delivery truck, pile them high atop his shoulders, and carry the bundle up a flight of stairs to a second floor office.

It was spitting rain as he began. Before he carried the first load, the sun had beat back the dark clouds. By his third trip up the stairs, a fine mist was evaporating from the small puddles beside his truck.

His pace and stature suggested he had narrowed his world to this single task.

I looked back at the work in front of me, and considered how the Free And Fair Vote system would work for him.

The entire point of the system is to let people fully participate, but on their terms, and in a way and time most convenient to them.

As we both go about our daily lives, the politicians who govern us are making decisions that will affect us. Though done in “our name”, we’ve each had no direct in guiding our representatives to vote in our favour.

With a ProxyAgent loaded up to understand our preferences and priorities, we could know that our needs would be directly considered when comes time for group decisions.

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